Ethical Animal Tourism

Animal experiences can be life-changing and incredible. Unfortunately, not all animal encounters are in the best interest of the animals. Many animals are drugged, beaten, chained, and mistreated all in the name of a picture for tourists. Animal tourism is a booming business throughout the world. As travelers, it’s our responsibility to learn what is animal tourism and ensure that any animal encounters we partake in are ethical ones. You can also be sure to ask these 10 questions before engaging in an activity so you can be sure it’s ethical. Be sure to avoid these cruel animal encounters when traveling!

I’ve worked with a LOT of travel content creators to bring you ethical animal encounters from around the world. So you can be sure that any animal tourism you partake is in ethical and in the best interest of the animal.

As is most of the site, this page is organized by continent: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America.

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