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About Me

I never followed travel bloggers on Instagram or “influencers” because I knew that the photos were photoshopped to impress people. To get likes and to brag about where people had been.  It’s not something that ever impacted my desire to travel. The travel bloggers I follow show their journey, not to brag, but to show it’s something they love.  Since I started traveling, I’ve heard more and more people say they want to but something is holding them back or they’re afraid to. On this blog, my goal is to show you that anyone can travel and you can create your own dream trip.  

​I started this blog as a place to discuss all things travel: the good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s more than just where to go and what to do (though there will be some of that too). It’s about how me as a college student, graduate student, and working professional, figured out how to budget both time and money to see the world.  I’m not a professional photographer, an Instagram model, and I don’t have a trust fund. I won’t wake up at 4 am to get a picture without crowds – this is my vacation too. So my photos won’t be perfect, my hair will probably be a mess, but it’s me and it’s real.  

So why the name?  It’s pretty easy – I get lost A LOT. I’ve gotten lost in life (hello quarter-life crisis) and on almost every trip – I’ve even gotten lost in my home town. My family calls me directionally challenged.  I’m excited to have you join me on this adventure!

​A lot of people ask how I got started traveling, and it’s pretty easy to explain that once I did it one time, it was going to be a goal to see more of the world.  

I was lucky as a kid, my parents liked to travel. Well, relatively at least. We did the Grand Canyon, a lot of the mid-west states, Florida, some Caribbean cruises, a Disney cruise, etc.  When I was 12, my mom persuaded my dad to let me go to Mexico with the Girl Scouts. It was the first time I traveled on my own and didn’t experience homelessness (the last time this happened).  In fact, I even emailed my parents telling them I didn’t miss them at all (harsh, Pam), which they still haven’t let me live down.

I don’t remember all the details of the trip being that young, but I remember being in awe of the language, the colors, and the food.  I try to look at every trip with those same lenses wherever I go.

​However, I really attribute my love, and addiction, of travel to my first adult(ish) trip alone (without family) when I was 20 and went to Egypt.  This trip really opened my eyes to a VERY different culture that I had limited experience and knowledge about. I met people I never would have otherwise. It also lit a fire in me to travel the world.  

When we came back from riding camels to the pyramids of Giza, I made a goal to visit all 7 continents. Then I realized how many people in the world have that goal, but never do it. Since I work better with timelines, I gave myself a deadline. 10 years, 7 continents. Seemed doable (which it was), and that way I had something to focus on. From camping in Antarctica to trying sea urchin in Japan.

Fast forward to today, I achieved my goal of 7 continents two years early and have gone to 36 countries.   I dream of travel all the time, follow some awesome bloggers, and continue to yearn to see the world.  ​

I love everything the world has to offer, including the people, the food and of course the adrenaline rushes!  

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