Egypt, the land of mummies and mystery, calls to travelers for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the breathtaking pyramids – the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, or the dynamic and colorful culture

It’s hard to imagine the bustling metropolis and skyscrapers of Cairo is home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth. With plenty of nightlife and delicious restaurants, the capital city is a great entryway into the country.

The towering, majestic pyramids of Giza are located only 30 minutes from Cairo. Seeing the Pyramids for the first time in a breathtaking experience and impossible to describe.

The most famous mode of transportation to see a lot of Egypt is a Nile Cruise. From the temples of Luxor to the beauty of Aswan, sailing down the Nile is the perfect way to embrace Egypt.

One hidden gem often overlooked are the gorgeous beaches. From natural pools to crystal blue waters and even surfing spots – Egypt has a lot of coastline to enjoy!

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