Penguin Spotting in South Africa

Location: Boulder Beach, South Africa, Africa

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How do I know it’s ethical?

The penguins are living their best life on the beach, and you’re not even allowed to go on the beach. The animals are wild and their area is respected.

Description of the Experience

Most people think penguins can only be found in Antarctica, so seeing penguins relaxing in the sun and sand is a unique experience.

Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, is home to thousands of African penguins. These penguins used to be endangered, but thanks to conservation efforts, the penguins have made an epic comeback. There are guides at the Boulders Visitors Centre who will tell you all about these penguins.


There is a small conservation fee to visit. It’s R76 for adults and R41 per day. You can learn more on the South African National Parks website.

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2 thoughts on “Penguin Spotting in South Africa”

  1. Penguins do indeed live their best life. I would love to do a tour and to watch them for hours! That’s amazing that there was been a concerted effort to get them off the endangered list.

  2. My dream is to see penguins! It’s great that I can make this can happen is a responsible way. I’m glad to see that the South African government is making an effort to protect these cuties 🙂

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