15 Stay at Home Date Ideas for Couples Who Love to Travel

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and covid-19 still being a presence in our everyday life, gifts for travelers may be a little more difficult to come up with. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are 15 stay at home date ideas for couples who love to travel! 

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1. Play a board game. 

There are plenty of travel-themed board games out there that will get you talking about all the places you want to travel to. My favorite (even as a kid) was Risk. A good ol’ world domination is enough to spark a discussion. There’s also Ticket to Ride and the classic Where in the USA is Camen Sandiego? (or Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?) If you’ve got kids at home, then check out Continent Race. A little friendly competition is always a good idea. 

2. Dinner and a movie in Rome 

One of my absolute favorite travel date night at home is reliving our road trip through Italy! Cook up some handmade pasta and homemade sauce. My favorite is cacio e pepe. Pair the pasta with a delicious Italian wine. After dinner, enjoy some tiramisu (or if you’re lucky enough to score some real gelato) and watch a movie set in Italy. There are plenty of movies to choose from – Under the Tuscan Sun, Roman Holiday, or La Dolce Vita are some of my favorites. 

Travei Fountain, Rome.  A great stay at home date idea for couples who love to travel is dinner and a movie set in Rome!
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3. Have a wine tasting in France 

Who doesn’t dream of exploring the French countryside with a bottle of local wine? Well since we can’t go to France, we can bring France to us. Get a few bottles of French wine. Cook a traditional French meal (beef bourguignon anyone?) – and don’t forget the Crème Brûlée! Be sure to dress up a little chic – you wouldn’t walk around Paris in your pajamas! 

Extend the date night with this book on Essential French Wine.

4. Go camping 

One of the best ways to feel like you’re not stuck at home is to go camping. The benefit of doing it at home is that it’s more like glamping than camping. If it starts raining or you prefer to go the bathroom indoors, you have shelter! Bring out the comfy blankets and pillows, make a fire, roast marshmallows, and enjoy stargazing. Bonus: play nature sounds via Spotify to really feel like you’re out in nature! This stay at home date idea is probably the only one which doesn’t feel like you’re at home!

5. Win Big in “Las Vegas” 

While a trip to sin city isn’t in the cards, you can play at home. Pick up a poker set so it feels like Vegas. Splurge on some fun cocktails for a happy hour before diving in to Texas Hold ‘Em or 21. 

Las Vegas Skyline. A great stay at home date idea for couples who love to travel is have a poker night!

6. Learn to dance

Who says you have to travel and take an in person dance lesson? Try one online! Indulge in some Tango lessons via YouTube or find a virtual teacher to give you lessons. Once you got the hang of it, play some Latin music and have fun! The goal isn’t perfection – so dance like no one is watching! Treat yourself and make traditional Argentinian empanadas

7. Fort Blanket and Foreign Films

Don’t worry if you can’t cook – that’s why we have delivery options! Order in a new type of food – Indian, Thai, Brazilian – try something new! While you wait for delivery – set up an epic fort blanket with an opening for a tv (or even better – a projector and screen). 

Pick a foreign film or two – something that you wouldn’t normally watch. Experiencing something new is one of the reasons we love to travel. Luckily, there’s an entire section of international movies on Netflix! Be sure to get some popcorn and popcorn buckets to really set the mood! 


A great stay at home date idea for couples who love to travel is making sushi at home

8. Learn to make sushi in Japan! 

This travel date night is for anyone who is up for a challenge – making sushi is not as easy as it looks! However, since you get to eat it at the end you’re not really losing anything. You can pick up a sushi-making kit and watch some videos on YouTube or a virtual cooking class! While you enjoy the fruits of your labor, check out Jiro Dreams of Sushi to learn more about the sushi industry! You can even pick up a sake set to complete the theme of the night. 

9. Make your home an Irish pub

Have an Irish themed date where you make your own beer, eat pub food, and escape to Ireland in a movie! You can make your own beer with a home beer kit. Try to make a local dish like colcannon or a traditional Shepherd’s pie! There are so many movies set in, or about, Ireland. From the romance of Leap Year to the comedy of Waking Ned Devine – there are plenty of movies to choose from! 

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10. Take a virtual tour of a museum

In complete honesty, and much to my mother’s dismay, I’m not a huge museum fan. So when I actually DO get to travel, it’s not something I factor in time for. Luckily, many now have virtual tour options so you can spend as little or as much time as you want! You can visit museums all over the world – The Louvre in Paris, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo, Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Sea ice in Antarctica

A great stay at home date idea for couples who love to travel is to create your bucket list and start planning!

11. Get bundled up in Antarctica 

If a visit to Antarctica is on your bucket list, why not make a date of it? Curl up with some comfort food and hot cocoa. Check out Continent 7 on Disney Plus for a scientific lesson on Antarctica. Learn about the research and science that happens on the ice continent. You can even stream the southern lights over Antarctica on YouTube. 

12. Have tea and crumpets in England

Indulge in some English high tea and pretend you live a life of royalty. Make your own biscuits and crumpets. Then get lost in the world of royalty through shows like Downton Abbey or The Crown – or if you’re short on time just watch a movie! (but at a later date, you should totally binge Downton Abbey… just saying!) 

13. Make your own Belgian chocolate

You could have a whole Begian themed day – waffles anyone? Okay, sorry I got distracted by breakfast. Anyway, why spend money on over-processed Valentine’s day candy when you can make your own? Have some fun in the kitchen. Then watch a romantic movie like Chocolat or Love, Romance & Chocolate. 

14. Dress to the nines and experience the Opera

I don’t know about you but pajamas have quickly become the norm in my household, so a chance to get dressed up and actually put on make up sounds like a great date (I honestly can’t believe I just said that). Why not go all out and go to the Opera? 

For those pre-date butterflies, try getting ready in separate rooms. There’s something about not seeing the process of getting ready that can make a date feel really special! Order in a nice meal and enjoy an Opera on YouTube! Oh, don’t forget the champagne! 

15. Create your bucket list (and plan one!) 

This is easily one of my favorite date night ideas – the hypothetical dream trip. Where do you want to go – what is your couple travel bucket list? Especially in the time of covid, it’s time to start prioritizing the trips we want to take once it’s safe to do so. Is it a cruise to Antarctica? Seeing the breathtaking nature of New Zealand? No matter where you want to go, planning a trip is always a great stay at home date idea!

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 15 socially distanced, stay at home date ideas! If you have an idea that you love to do to bring travel to you – let me know and I’ll add it as a reader favorite!

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15 Stay at home date ideas for couples who love to travel!
15 Stay at home date ideas for couples who love to travel!
15 Stay at home date ideas for couples who love to travel!

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