10 Awesome Shows on Netflix to Inspire Travel

Thanks to the coronavirus, many of us are cooped up in our house but that doesn’t mean we can’t be dreaming about traveling. Here are 10 showers to watch on Netflix to inspire travel while we’re home. Fuel your wanderlust and keep hope for when we can travel again! Hopefully, these will inspire your travels in the future!

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Street Food

This is the show I’ve been waiting for since I first saw Rick Steves on the Travel Channel. An ENTIRE show devoted to the deliciousness of street food. YES! Unfortunately (for me) it’s only one season on Netflix. They’re about 30 minutes per episode making an easy binge. Each episode focuses on one street food vendor is nine cities in Asia. Mixing delicious, local food with a human story makes one great show.

Expedition Happiness

Okay, I was a little skeptical about this one, but hear me out. Leon Logothetis travels the world without any money – looking for kindness in strangers. While traveling, he meets so many people. I really enjoyed his ability to truly connect with people and it made me believe in the good in people.

Dark Tourist

Traveling without judgment is often easier said than done – but David Farrier is an awesome example. He travels to places many people wouldn’t visit. Lesser-known parts of cultures around the world. It’s a truly captivating show and will hook you – so be prepared to binge!

Netflix Travel shows - Dark Tourist

Somebody Feed Phil

This show reminds me of a great dinner party that takes place all over the world. Phil travels around the world eating delicious food with new friends. His joy in seeing places he never thought he’d see is something we can all relate to. Watching this show is like sitting down for dinner with old friends.

Our Planet

Still need your nature fix while inside? Our Planet is Netflix’s Planet Earth. This nature series showcases the most beautiful natural destinations in the world. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this show will definitely stoke your wanderlust fires.

Netflix Travel shows - Our Planet
Photo from Netflix

National Parks Adventure

Another nature-travel show which focuses on the beauty right in the United States. Our National Parks are often and overlooked vacation destination – but that’ll change once people see the wonders that they really are.

Night on Earth

The nature-lover-traveler would love this documentary series. It brings you to a wilder world and will captivate you. See the world as you’ve never seen it before- at night. I’d be surprised if you don’t want to seek one of these places out after watching.

Conan without Borders

This is not your traditional travel show! Even if you never really watched Conan O’Brien’s show, this series is a bit more fun to watch. It’s a collection of his travel segment from the show – taking his trademark humor on the road. His talent for getting people to open up gives the show a more authentic travel feel.

Netflix Travel shows - Conan without borders
Photo from Netflix

Tales by Light

This show gives a unique look into travel and photography. The show follows some of the best photographers in the world who have devoted their lives to globetrotting to find the absolute best shot. It’s some photography jargon so you’ll probably learn some new tricks while being impressed with their crazy escapades (including swimming with anacondas in the Amazon!)

Netflix Travel shows Tales by Light
Photo from Netflix

Extreme Engagement

While this one might not make you want to specifically visit a destination, it gives you a different look into cultural customs around the world. PJ Madam and Tim Noonan use their upcoming nuptials as an inspiration to travel the world and learn about others’ coupling and marriage customs. I enjoyed the different take on learning about other cultures (especially after binging Love is Blind).

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