10 Best Places to eat in Newport, Rhode Island

The charming town of Newport wasn’t previously on my list of places to visit, but since covid put a wrench in international travel plans, we wanted to discover some new places nearby. One of the first things I did, was research where to eat in Newport! Newport was about a four-hour drive from us, making a great weekend destination – so I had to find the best places to eat in Newport since we were there for a short time. We spent two days in Newport and found some great places to eat while visiting!

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Sunsetting over Newport. You'll be able to find food with a view with this Food Guide to Newport, Rhode Island.

Where to Eat in Newport: Breakfast

Stoneacre Brasserie

We spotted this adorable Parisian breakfast spot in the afternoon and didn’t get a chance to stop. It’s located near the 40 Steps and the food looks as good as the decor! 

Cru Cafe

We were truly impressed with the atmosphere of the Cru Cafe. It’s a small cafe located near the Audobain Museum and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. I highly recommend the blueberry stuffed french toast!

Empire Tea & Coffee

If you’re not a heavy breakfast eater, then this is the place for you. They have the traditional baked goods that cafes have, but their signature drink is a tea latte. If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) try the nutcracker latte or red velvet latte! 

A small lighthouse in front of a bridge in Newport, RI.
The lighthouse and bridge of Newport, Rhoade Island

Where to Eat in Newport: Lunch or Dinner

The Fifth Element

I was attracted to this restaurant because Spencer loves the movie – but what really caught my attention was the lamb poutine on the menu. We ended up getting to Newport a bit later than anticipated, so we visited for a late dinner. The decorations were quirky and unique (if you remember the Half Moon Cafe in Baltimore, you know we love these kinds of places!) Reservations were required as each table had its own little area for eating. Both of us got the Fifth Burger which was delicious – but the crunchy-yet-soft fries really stole the show. 

Salvation Cafe

Located near The Fifth Element, this cafe has quite the hippie vibe. It’s known for their fried spinach appetizer and quirky atmosphere! 

The Lobster Shack 

I’m a huge fan of fresh lobster and crab so when our tour guide recommended this food truck area for a lobster roll lunch, I couldn’t pass it up! Their lobster bisque was perfect for a cold day! Even if you don’t eat there, you can pick out some fresh lobster and take it home with you. 

Lobster Bisque with fried lobster!
Spencer having fun at the Lobster Shack
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22 Bowens

For a harbor-side, semi-casual seafood restaurant, 22 Bowns is idyllic. You can have anything from fresh oysters and shrimp to a surf & turf burger! It’s also gluten-friendly! 

The Black Pearl

White Horse Tavern is one of the oldest taverns in the county and has great food - making it one of the best places to eat in Newport.
White Horse Tavern

One of the negative things about “living in the moment” and seeing where our stomachs take us, is that we sometimes miss out on nicer restaurants. A reservation is required so be sure to call a few days ahead if you want to eat here. The menu looks incredible! 

White Horse Tavern

You may remember this one from my things to do in Newport post, but it is also home to some delicious food. It’s a colonial building built in 1652 and used as a house, meeting house, and of course – a tavern. 

Clark Cooke House

For a luxury night out right in the heart of Newport – get reservations at the Clark Cooke House near Bannister’s Wharf. It overlooks the water front, making an idyllic backdrop to a delicious meal.

The Clark Cooke House near Barriston's Whard is one of the best places to eat in Newport, RI.

Where to eat in Newport: Dessert 

The Cookie Jar is one of the best places to eat in Newport, RI.

The Cookie Jar

The smell of cookies can overtake the nose when walking around Barriston’s Wharf. This is coming from the small cookie shop featuring a wide array of homemade cookies! Check for opening hours as some nights

Kilwins Ice Cream 

This is a great candy and ice cream shop – but be prepared to wait in line – it’s reputation is well known! 

Where’s your favorite place to eat in Newport? Let me know and I’ll add it!

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