50+ Wonderful Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Stocking stuffers are always the hardest gift items for me to buy for people. Luckily, small gifts can be the most practical. If you’re shopping for a traveler, small gifts are often the best as they let us save on space! Here are 50+ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers – to fit any style! All of the following items will fit inside a carry-on or a travel-themed gift basket (or just generally show a love of travel!)

50+ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers
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Most of them cost under $25 – making them the perfect addition! Some are a bit more expensive as we strive for quality over quantity.

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Practical Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Travel First Aid Kit – Just the essentials for travelers. No one wants their trip to be ruined by a bad blister!

Compression Socks – I never thought I’d need these until my feet swelled on a plane. I still don’t know why as nothing in my flight routine changed. They help with blood flow on long flights.

Quick Dry Towel – A super absorbent, compact towel that also doesn’t add weight to the carry-on? Every traveler should have one!

Travel Sewing Kit – Super compact sewing kit for small repairs on the go!

Wool socks – Any backpacker knows the benefit of wool socks – from keeping your feet warm on a chilly day to replacing slippers!

Carabiner Clips – One of the most useful tools that travelers use regularly. You can hold hair elastics (a girl can never have too many of those!), clip bottles to daypacks, or just secure bags together for transport

Safety pins – I know this one sounds unusual – but I’ve never not brought them with me. They’re a multi-purpose tool!

Glasses Repair Kit – Never knew how important this was until I married a man with glasses!

Aquaphor – The perfect multi-use item. Usually recommended for tattoo care, Aquaphor can help with a lot more!

Sleep Mask – These take some getting used to so be sure to practice at home – but I never leave home without them. Hotel blinds can let in a LOT of sun. This one also has Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to white noise and not bother your partner!

Ear plugs – Another essential and something that regularly needs to be replaced! Great for snorers (cough-cough-Spencer!) or parties in the hotel.

Cell Phone Dry Bag – For anyone. period. If it rains, or you go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, or if you’re into water sports. Definitely a necessity.

Infinity Scarf with Pockets – Scarves are a great addition for any traveler – a layer to help keep warm but not too warm. Add in 2 secret pockets for your passport and cash – even better!!!

Sustainability Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Water Bottle – Swell bottles are nice and slim so no need to worry if they’ll fit your carry on pouch. They have a variety of colors available as well.

Foldable Water Bottle – This one is for the traveler who never has space. Foldable and easy to pack.

Travel Coffee Mug – Essential for those early mornings on the move! Yetis are well known to keep hot beverages hot for hours!

Travel Utensils – An easy way to avoid single-use plastic is to bring your own utensils! This one includes a reusable straw.

Reusable bags – These compact bags are great for souvenirs or grocery shopping. They can also be used to carry dirty laundry on the way home.

Lotion Bar – Less plastic and doesn’t count as a liquid!

Toothpaste tablets – It took me a while to get used to these but I love them! No more plastic toothpaste holders – and they also don’t count as a liquid!

Toiletry Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars – Again, less plastic and doesn’t count as a liquid. I have also found that these also last almost as long as large bottles of shampoo and conditioner!

Colgate Wisps – I was given this and love it! The only thing worse than morning breath is airplane morning breath.

Reusable Silicone Bottles – I’ve had two of these for years and love that I can bring my own favorite toiletries! I don’t need to take the small bottles from hotels anymore either (which they should really get rid of anyway….)

Toothbrush cover – No more wrapping toothbrushes in tissues or toilet paper. Protect it!

Pill container – So you don’t have to bring all your pills – just back the essentials for the trip.

Hand sanitizer – You never know what kind of places you’ll be in when you travel, so having a travel size hand sanitizer has helped me be more comfortable in places. I love having a variety of scents from Bath & Body Works! You can even get a holder to attach to your luggage or daypack.

Diva Cup – Takes up a fraction of the space of a pile of tampons AND so much better for women & the environment.

Cotton Tampons or Cotton Pads – Not ready for the switch to cups? Cotton tampons don’t have the plastic applicator. Cotton pads don’t have any plastic either and can be washed and reused.

Nail Care Kit – Never leave home without a nail clipper! You never realize how annoying something is until you can’t deal with it.

Laundry Detergent Sheets – One sheet per sink load of laundry! Traveler essential!

Electronic Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Universal Travel Adapter – Never worry about whether or not you have the right plug for your destination. (Or if you have enough USB ports as this one has 4!)

Electric converter – For the traveler who brings a hair straightener (like me), blow dryer, or curling irons. Be comfortable using international outlets by converting the voltage.

Portable Power Strip (with USB ports) – No more deciding which device gets charged at the airport! This increases the number of available outlets and gives your two USB ports.

Portable Charger – We never leave home or the hotel without at least two of these. Charge a phone multiple times on one charge – leave the stress of battery-watching to someone else.

Mini Power Cord – Clip this to your daypack or purse and never be without your cord!

Extra Power Cords (for Android) – I feel like we’re always missing a power cord in our home. Nylon braided cords won’t tangle or fray and come in a variety of lengths. (For iPhones)

Portable Wireless Speakers – Is there anything better than sitting on the porch listening to music from speakers? Or your audiobook in the hotel room after a long day? We love Anker products if you haven’t noticed.

Headphone Splitter – So if you’re binging something with your travel partner you don’t have to alternate!

Photography Stocking Stuffers

Memory Cards – Can’t go wrong with memory cards. I always pack at least three since I’m worried one won’t work and another will get wet. Memory can range from 8GB- 256 GB!

Mini Tripod for Phones – A great way to get more of the destination in the photo or pictures of you as an actual couple instead of just one person in front then the other.

External Hard Drive – Okay, this is one of those gifts that’s a bit more expensive. However, if you’re a slow traveler (going somewhere for a month or more) then having somewhere to back up your photos is essential. Don’t forget a case!

Cell phone photo lens – For the traveler who only whips out their phone for photos!

Organizational Stocking Stuffers

Coin Purse – I don’t think anyone under the age of 35 would think these are beneficial, but when you have a pocket full of euro coins, you’d wish you have one!

Luggage Tags – The essential. This is how lost luggage gets back to you (provided you fill them out correctly). It also helps identify luggage on the conveyor belt (if you’re one of those people who checks a bag!). You can find plenty with fun sayings to show off your personality.

Cord organizers – With all the cords I’ve mentioned, it’s important to keep them organized so you don’t damage them. They can also be used in a variety of ways. We never travel without this!

Packing Cubes – These range in size and cost. A set of smaller cubes can help keep cords, jewelry and chargers organized and safe. Larger cubes can help keep clothing easily findable.

Entertaining Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Notebooks – I never travel without a small notebook. It helps me write down fun facts I’ve learned that day, best places to eat to recommend, how much we spent so I can stay on budget, etc.

Travel Journal – For the person who likes a bit more structure to their notebooks.

Travel Games – A simple deck of cards or dice can help pass the time at airports or on long train rides.

Would you Rather? – Okay technically this one can fall under travel games, but I love it so much that it gets its own entry. We play this ALL the time – sometimes with a book sometimes we just make up our own – either way its a great way to laugh and pass the time.

Gift Cards – It’s hard to know exactly what a traveler would want I get it – but a gift card for Amazon, Google Play or iTunes can allows the traveler to get the book or game they want for their travels.

Final Thoughts

Holiday shopping can be stressful – but I hope you were able to find something for the traveler in your life with this list. If you have a gift idea that’s not here – let me know! I love to add reader favorites to posts.

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50+ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers
50+ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers
50+ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

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